Welcome to the Jaguars’ class

We are a class of 30 enthusiastic and caring children, led by Miss Page and supported by Mrs Cannon.

This term in English, we are focusing a lot on the building blocks of sentences. We are exploring the intricacies of subordinate clauses and how changing their position can affect the impact of a sentence. We are looking closely are all of the main different types of word classes and how to use these to best effect in our writing.

We read quietly first thing most mornings followed by a reading lesson focusing on different skills related to reading and understanding. Towards the end of each day, we enjoy a class story. We are gradually filling a display board with books we know and love.

In Maths, we are working from the foundations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Every week we complete an arithmetic test and we are working hard on learning strategies for avoiding simple mistakes in copying and calculating.

Our wider curriculum subjects are blocked into periods of one to two weeks. Each block focuses on a different topic. We have already looked at reading maps in Geography and are currently learning about the different life cycles of mammals, insects, amphibians and birds. Later this term we will learn about the Ancient Greeks, Formal elements in Art and healthy foods and eating in DT.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we have PE with a specialist sports coach. The children change into their PE kits before PE and then wear their kit home. We also have a specialist French teacher on a Tuesday afternoon.